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Star Lyrical-Soldierz
JOIN n check out ma GANGSTA folder, upload ur s**t if ya wna, check out ma LINKS ya can put sum 2, post ya lyricz juz do yo thing

Group Founder: realezt
Description: dwnload imagez, chk ma links, do yo thing, if ya lyricaly blezzed post ya
Group Type: Public join
Members: 28
Category: Music > Rap & HipHop

Topics (4)

go hollaaa at diz topic! (4) realezt
just some of ma a aint no pro i juz do diz fo fun!

go juz sum lyricz a wrote.. (5) realezt
a thinkin bout her by evry passin second when eva im beside her it feels like im in heaven it hurtz nt being wth her all a can do is think about her iz dis luv r is it juz lust d*mn.. a alwayz get tho...

go sum of ma agen (0) realezt
girl yah kno a stay fly gna get a tattoo on ma right arm sayin Ride Till I Dieim like da livin dead betta knowz az a muth*fkn hoodRat a wear dem hoodiez on ma head combined wth ma new era capz lukin s...

go welcome memberz (1) realezt
if u got any Q r ideaz how to improv da group juz let me know or let eonline knw aight peace juz hav fun!

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Files (12)

1 -pimpin-
2 -pimp juice-
3 -gangsta love-
4 -gangsta chain-
5 -bugz bunny iz gangsta-
6 -so gangsta-
7 -gangsta Gurlz-
8 -keepin it gangsta-
9 -gangsta Cat-
10 -gangsta gangsta!-
11 -money power respect-
12 -thug ice-